About Adaptive Firearms Institute LLC

Adaptive Firearms believes in the responsible citizen's right to firearms. We believe it is not only important to own a firearm but to be proficient in its use. The courses we offer are designed to prepare the responsible adult gun owner to handle their weapons in a safe and effective manner under all circumstances including under pressure. Shooting techniques and tactics are constantly changing. We believe the shooter must constantly evolve and adapt to constantly changing environments and threats.

We know there are a lot of good firearms training programs. We believe training never stops and we also understand that 3 day, 2000 round training classes is challenging in these times. Adaptive Firearms set out to offer affordable training in a 1 day, high round count dynamic class. We believe this helps the students retain more information and allow everyone the ability to get good quality training and fit it into our busy schedules. Our 8-acre shooting complex includes 3 ranges, defensive driving course, and “the play ground” which is a range with vehicles and buildings for practical training. Let Adaptive Firearms train you in the necessary skills so that you are not only proficient but prepared.

At Adaptive Firearms we do more then turn money into noise.

Adaptive Firearms Institute believes ones bio doesn't mean they can teach. What's important is ones ability to teach and that those teachers are able to adapt to the cutting edge of tactics and modern shooting styles. However, all our instructors are made up of military veterans, many with years teaching local, state and federal, with NRA certifications, combat experience, and experience in the special operations community.