About Adaptive Firearms Institute LLC

Adaptive Firearms is unique because of our scientific approach to weapon and body manipulation. We are constantly reviewing training techniques and "doctrine" to determine a more scientific approach, based on how our body reacts to stress and how we utilize the body to be more bio-mechanically proficient. The courses we offer are designed to prepare the responsible adult gun owner or operator to handle their weapons in a safe and effective manner under all circumstances including under pressure. Shooting techniques and tactics are constantly changing. Adaptive Firearms focuses on the weapon manipulation, kinesiology and neuro science as it pertains to gun fighting. We believe the shooter must constantly evolve and adapt to constantly changing environments and threats.

Amazing instructors! These guys brought a lot of experience to the range. I was a bit intimidated at first since I don't have too much experience firing a weapon. Ryan and his crew were very professional and patient with us newbies. They really make you feel confident! I highly recommend taking any and all classes they offer for gun safety!!! - Sarah Limones
Fantastic group of professionals. Ryan and team take the time to explain why they teach what they teach and add a personal touch for each student. By far the best and safest firearms courses I have taken. Instructors make the class very informative and educational but fun and engaging. Adaptive is the premier firearms institution. Get the training you need for the moments we all hope never come. Stay safe - John Ogden
September 18 AFI had a adaptive carbine 2 course that I took. This was an intermediate course that included getting a good zero on your carbine, my favorite shooting out of the notch, 1-handed manipulations and yes this does mean your support hand, shooting on the move, maneuvering in and around vehicles, vehicle standoff, and many many other tools. Not only was this course full of information but it was also physically tasking.. I have Always been Athletic but this definitely pushed me.. - vstandif
The Instructor staff has a strong knowledge and background on the fundamentals of weapons manipulation and tactics innovation for the new world threat that.. - Mike B.
I took a pistol one class with Ryan a few months back and it was incredible! Ryan was very professional and really stressed gun safety. We did several.. - Peanut L.
I love training here. The instructors are very patient and will work with you until you understand. In my opinion this is the best place to train! - Diana VanValkenburg
I had a great experience taking the adaptive pistol 1 course on April 16.
Ryan and Paul did a great job breaking down the fundamentals and moving us along to drawing, moving and tactical shooting.
I would highly recommend Adaptive Firearms to anyone aspiring to a higher level of knowledge and skill in the world of firearms.
I look forward to taking - erick massar
Professionally done. Well organized. The course instruction provides a solid basis upon which to build on. Start here if you intend to continue on with.. - Marc T.
I recently took the pistol 1 course and loved it. Ryan and Paul are great guys and amazing instructors, they really helped me become comfortable and confident with firearms. This is a perfect class for anybody looking to have the information and skill to protect themselves and their loved ones. I highly recommend any of their classes.. - Tat Coffman
Absolutely worth every penny. Compared to many, I'm a beginner but this class gave me the tactical fundamentals and confidence to be more effective with my firearm. They also taught us to be aware of how your gear effects your shooting style, quality, etc and encourage some experimentation to get it just right for you. The instructors are very friendly, extremely.. - Michael Lyons
I recently took the concealed carry course offered by AFI. The instructors at AFI were very friendly and created a comfortable and encouraging environment.. - Aegon A.